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19 July 2011, 16:25

We congratulate the participants of the successful ascent and wish  them good weather on the way to the main goal of the expedition.

Yesterday on our answering machine came a new message about the expedition to the Mont Blanc from Alex Abramov:

"Hello, this is Alex Abramov from the expedition on the Mont Blanc. Before the climbing Mont Blanc we had a acclimatization in Zermatt. Today we went up the cable car to the station Klein Matterhorn (the highest in Europe station of the lift - 3883 m) and almost all the members went to the top of the Breithorn Mountain 4 164 m.

What we were pleased to report, in the composition of climbers was Lidia Vasilievna, 65 years old,

and she is for the first time in life came to the mountains. She is the mother of one of our participant Vitaly and today we all were very happy for her. It was hard, not very good weather, but nevertheless the whole team went to the top.


And now, we moved in Courmayeur, we will stay there and tomorrow we rise to Aiguille du Midi and transfer in Chamonix. Here we have such plans. The day after tomorrow we have assumed a day of rest and preparation to leave already for the ascent of Mont Blanc. Good-bye. Wait for new messages."