9 August 2011, 00:01


The ascent of Massif Vinson - the highest peak of Antarctica
Expedition to the South Pole. "The last degree" (Ski tour 111км). Antarctica

Hello friends!

We still have the last 3 places in Antarctica to the South Pole, and Vinson Massif.
Vinson Massif - check in from December 26 to January 12.
The South Pole - check in from 2 to 19 January.
On all other dates groups have already been formed and there are no places!

Now we have 2 groups of "the Last degree" at the South Pole:
From 13 to 29 December (full)
and from 2 to 19 January (there are 3 places)

2 groups on the Vinson Massif:
From 13 to 29 December (full)
From December 26 to January 12(there are 2 places)

Be defined urgently till August, 15th
Opportunity only knocks once!