Providing expeditions
since 2005
10 January 2012, 02:59

Eight teams are in regular contact by satellite telephone. It is not always the connection is secure,but this is the first such experience. The ninth group, completing the trek in Nepal, has been inconstant communication with our Nepali representation. Thus, the following groups continue their campaigns. Dmitry Ermakov program Last Degree, to ski to the South Pole. Artem Rostovtsev -Trekking in Patagonia. Sergei Kofanov - adventure tour of Australia and New Zealand. Olga Rumyantseva - on Aconcagua. Tatiana Stukalova - Mount Kilimanjaro. The following groups are on finish. Victor Bobok with the group raised on Vinson. Marina Nemirova, who ascended on the summit of Fansipan. Oksana Chekulaeva with a group of freeriders alter the dislocation in the Alps.