Providing expeditions
since 2005
12 January 2012, 07:27

January 9, we all met in the small town of Bludence. As our Canadian teachers told, the road up to the hut where we planned to stop, is closed because of snowfalls. After a long search, we found shelter in Schrunz and the next morning went by car to the top of the valley.

First by gondola, then with a minibus, which took us through a beautiful tunnel, drifts on the side of the roof car - and here we are finally in place. Yesterday, the 10th of January, right after breakfast, lectures began, lasted until late evening. We have more than one teacher, we have 3 and each has something to tell us! Today there were small workshops to find in avalanche probes and meteorological observations.

Tomorrow is scheduled first outing in the mountains.






Information about RMGS

From 10 to January 25, 2012 two more modules of the School of Mountain Guides of Russia will be provided for the first part of candidates. Students will listen two courses - Avalanche and Ski training. The school will take place in the mountains of Austria.

In the summer of 2011 in the mountain base "Bezengi", students of the School graduated its first course – rock- climbing (for mountaineering guides) and the initial climbing training (for ski guide).

Education in the school is based on the International Standard IFMGA / UIAGM / IVBV. Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) supervises our country national school. It is important to note that the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) is also actively collaborating with the Russian School and they provides us with a large number of educational materials and equipment.

Training takes place in two main specialization - Mountaineering and Ski Guides.

Winter training teachers of speakers from Canada and Austria:

- Marc Piche - Technical Director of ACMG, IFMGA mountain guide

- Keith Reid - President of ACMG, IFMGA mountain guide

- Mark Klassen - Professor CAA, a mountain guide IFMGA