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15 January 2012, 13:24

Małgorzata Pierz-Pękala and her son Daniel Misera became the first pair of “mother + son” successfully completed Seven Summits. December 27 they reached the summit Kosciuszko, as is well known named after the national hero of Poland. In 2010, they climbed Mount Everest in the expedition 7 Summits Club. And early last year as members of our team, they went to the highest point in Antarctica. Their permanent place of residence - the main Polish mountain resort of Zakopane. Here Malgorzata and Daniel often climbed and went to the mountains, and then their favorite guide Peter Konopka suggested to go to Mont Blanc. Thus began their epic Seven Summits.

Seven Summits our Polish friends:

June 2002 - Mont Blanc (4810 m)

June 2005 - Kilimandżaro (5895 m)

January 2006 - Aconcagua (6960 m)

August 2008 - Elbrus (5642 m)

June 2009 - McKinley (6195 m)

May 2010 - Mount Everest (8850 m)

January 2011 - Mt. Vinson (4892 m)

December 2011 - Piramida Carstensza (4884 m)

December 2011 - Góra Kościuszki (2230 m)