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6 March 2012, 18:43. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

Alpari: On Top of the World is heading to Africa. There, our trio of professional climbers will be joined by 6 members of the Alpari team. Here’s a little bit about each of them.

David Makoso, Manager of Client Services at Alpari (US), enjoys riding motorcycles, watching good action movies and traveling to warm islands with great beaches. About the trip, David said, “When this trip was first mentioned I was excited about the opportunity to be amongst a select few that will represent Alpari in this expedition. This summit will be a testament to our journey so far as a company and will also reveal a glimpse of what we can accomplish as a dominant force within our industry.”

Jacob Plattner is 29 years old and has been with Alpari (US) since June of 2010, working as the Vice President of Institutional Sales. He manages the Boston branch and is oversees the company’s global B2B solutions. Born in Baltimore, Jacob enjoys spending time with his family and playing hockey and golf. He is excited to have been chosen for the trip to Africa. “I have always wanted to hike one of the world’s largest peaks, very excited to being do it with Alpari and my colleagues.”

  Jaclyn Cole, 25 years old, was born in Tarrytown, New York. She is the Head of Marketing for Alpari (US). Jaclyn is looking forward to Kilimanjaro: “I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro with some of the most instrumental team members at Alpari. I think this trip will be a testament to how hard we have worked to bring the US office to where it currently is and how well we can overcome challenges together to make it to the top. I also think the physical and mental strength that brings us all to the top of the mountain as a team will make this a once in a lifetime experience.” Jaclyn enjoys good food and fun in New York City, traveling, skiing, hiking, water sports, boating, meeting new people and spending time with her friends and family.

  Hailing from Yerevan, Armenia, Mushegh Tovmasyan is the Global Head of Sales for Alpari (UK) Ltd. Mushegh, 28 years old, enjoys gadgets, sports and travel. “I’m a very curious person that loves to travel, explore and learn new things. Always adventure hungry but usually too busy for hobbies. When this trip was mentioned, I was certain that I am not in optimal physical condition, but the challenge is a perfect test of mental strength, dedication and ambition. I’m excited to be part of the global expedition to conquer the seven peaks.” We hope Mushegh has already begun his training.

 Stan Klebaner, 32 years old, is also excited about the trip: “Although, I have been to Africa before; I view this as truly a “once in a lifetime experience”. I look forward to the challenge and a great adventure with my colleagues!” A US citizen, born in Odessa, Ukraine, Klebaner is the VP of Institutional Sales at Alpari (US). He enjoys traveling, running, tennis, golf, skiing, art and reading the classics.


John Wang was surprised when he was offered the chance to take part in the expedition: “While Alpari US has provided me with an excellent career opportunity – it has come with some perks! Being selected amongst my colleagues to participate in the Mount Kilimanjaro expedition came to me as a great surprise. I am very excited to be part of this group and look forward to the challenges and team work this trip will provide.” John, 27 years old, is from Inverness Florida and enjoys sports, traveling, food and Forex. He has been with Alpari (US) since 2010, working as the Head of US Retail Sales.



We’re looking forward to hearing what our colleagues have to say about the trip. The Alpari: On Top of the World team will be flying out to Africa on March 7.