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17 October 2013, 16:06

Heavy, catastrophic snowfalls ruined plans of many expeditions in theHimalayas. According to some information, 14 people were lost in avalanches. Our expedition on Baruntse appeared in difficult conditions when in one day dropped out snow more than a meter. The decision to evacuate group by helicopter was made.

On September 28th. our Mt. Baruntse Expedition group flew to Lukla. Then they reached the base camp and begin to work on the route. Before snowfalls they were ready for a final, summit assault

In this Baruntse Group there were total 7 members in the team. As well as 3 Climbing Sherpa and 2 Cook. The team Member are as follows: -

1. Komarov Igor (Team Leader)

2. Pritulenko Oleg

3. Ablyazova Renata

4. Litvinenko Alexander

5. Yakushev Oleg

6. Rakhmatullin Rustyam

7. Iakusheva Elizaveta

Climbing Sherpa: -

1. Pemba Rinjin Sherpa

2. Pemba Nurbu Sherpa

3. Nurbu Chhiring Sherpa

Expedition Cook: -

1. Dendi Bhote

2. Wongdi Sherpa.