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4 December 2013, 06:51

December 1 Vitaly flew to Mexico, where the goal of his ascent will be the highest volcano in North America -Mount Orizaba. If everything will be normal, immediately after the descent, he crashes in Chile, where is his final object of Seven Volcanoes. This is the highest of all the volcanoes in the world Ojos del Salado.


The first of volcanoes for Simonovich was Kilimanjaro in 2011. There is a chance that Vitaly will be the fastest man in the world who have completed the program Seven Volcanoes . And, because not so long ago Vitaly Simonovic has successfully completed the 7 Summits in two versions : with Carstens Pyramid and Kosciuszko, he could be the fastest on the sum of two programs: the 7 Summits and 7 Volcanoes .

Good luck!