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19 April 2013, 19:43

Alexander Abramov: Today - the second day, as our team is to base camp. Initially, in the morning all members went down to the Old Rongbuk Monastery. And then all together we started for an installation of billiards. Yes, billiards.

We have a large tent, which we call the "Sports". There is a table tennis table inside it. And now the table for billlierds. We hauled slabs of marble. 3 plates - each up to 150 kg. Then pulled the cloth.

In general, everyone is happy with the result.

This is probably the first pool table at an altitude above 5000m.

The first played were the guides: Sergei Larin and Noel Hanna.

The deal is done: now we can think about the mountains.



Alex and his favorite motorcycle






Murad Ashurly is hungry after a walk




In our dining room we eat a traditional borshch (beetroot and cabbage soup a Russian - Ukrainian dish)



Billiards epic story











Night came to BC