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15 August 2013, 17:20. Elbrus, all programs »


Alexander Abramov from Elbrus. Today, August 15, we had a remarkable event: the whole our team, 7 members and 3 guides, reached the summit of Elbrus. The weather was qiuite good. Also, two our friends Jenia and Katja, with a guide Eugene Pismenny, climbed two peaks, Western and then Eastern, and continued on their way down to the north side of Mount Elbrus. The rest of the team went down to the south.

Un this team Elena Abramova, and Denis Abramov for the first time reached the summit ofMount Elbrus, and made it with his father, Alex Abramov. Such family climb .... . It was hard, seriously. But, in general, all managed.


Alex with children on the summit