15 September 2013, 19:45




Alex: So ended 4 days in theRepublicofPapua New Guinea. PNG - as it is known for locally. Now we're flying on a plane to the capital ofPhilippines-Manila. But there is a feeling that we are still in Papua, do not let go ...

Of course, the country looks like a "Reservation forAustralia."

All is well in Papua. And they do not need anything. It seems to me that they are happy.

Everything is very poor. They go to the ragged shoes or even barefoot. But Papuans are constantly smiling. Nice to see their friendly attitude. And not because of the money. Though of course we pay…

The hotel we had, was really good one. The best inMountHagen. With swimming pool. A dining ... It is super. Roast leg of lamb. And an array of delicacies. It is a pity that only once during the whole time…. The rest of the time we have to spend in wet tents or on sucking dirt trail.

We wanted to climb the highest volcano inAustraliaand Oceania –MountGiluwe (4368 m). This is one of the 7 Summits Project - 7 Volcanoes! Before us, there were 3-4 Russian climbers – all singles. And our team is made up of 7 climbers. It is possible to say - the first big Russian expedition. I'm kidding. You always want to stand out.

The ascent took two full days. And it turned out really challenging and difficult.Forest, sucking mud, grassland with constant ups and downs, rain - as under the shower. Wet grassy slopes and climbing on them without belay. Hard and dangerous.

But we are happy. We are happy that we did it. Happy that it's over. And a short rest - 3 days inManilaandBali. We start for another challenge, interesting and difficult climb on the Carstensz Pyramid.

Last year, I did not reach to the top of Ojos del Salado inChile, the highest volcano in the world. I should turn back 50 meters before the highest point. So in January I am going there again. I hope - with the same (Papua) command. I want to reach the summit on January 16. To complete the project 7 Volcanoes. And to celebrate my day anniversary - 50 years!