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20 September 2013, 14:54


Hello! Alexander Abramov sends information from Irian Jaya, aprovinceofPapua. We're going to Carstensz Pyramid. Today the whole day we walked through the swamps, climbed the steep slippery slopes, clinging to the different roots. One of porters even lost one boot in the mud. In general, it's not easy, everything is pretty hard ... Above that, Nikolai Stepanenko was sick of some unknown illness, and now we have sent him back. He went down with the accompanying and will try to fly home. Now we set up the tents right in the swamp, getting ready for bed, as well as to receive an evening meal. But, in general, we have all the good spirits. To Carstensz we should spend five more days of this path. And about five days on the way back. But we like this adventure. It is still not so bad. Goodbye!