27 December 2014, 21:27

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Yesterday it was a very hard day. We spent the night in 15 kilometers from Union Glacier. We've got a separate camp in a very beautiful vast field, with views of the mountains. By morning the wind grew stronger. Just at this time we have had a contact with Moscow, a video conference with the President. Almost all the whole night we did not sleep, getting ready, excited. At 7 am already it was a live interview with Moscow and the President wished us luck. There was a small conversation, but I think that on TV it showed everything.

Then we immediately gathered the camp, returned to Union Glacier. There we had lunch, got on the plane and flew to the base camp of Vinson massif. Established camp, long enough to have established, because the tents are many, many people. Had a dinner. The mood is all excellent. We went to sleep. The weather yesterday was good. Today morning we woke up in a fog. Cold. And today we must make a walk to the camp 3200, so-called Low camp, about 6-8 hours to go. With a heavy sledge. This may be one of the most physically heavy days of our expedition. But, in General, the mood is good, we hope to be January 1th, on the summit of Vinson. By!