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7 November 2014, 21:24

Group of climbers on the Mera Peak led by guide Vladimir Kotlyar returned home from a trip to the Himalayas. How not envy people who have realized a dream, in the expedition where everything was well done. However, not everyone was able to reach the highest point. Do not worry. We must continue to enjoy life and to dream a new dream ...

18.10. The first part of the group arrived in Kathmandu.



19.10. The second part of the group arrived, all united


On 20 October. Flight Lukla. Most adrenaline traveling. Airfield as a park attraction.


21.10 Rise in Chhukung




22.10. Test number1. The Pass in tomorrow



22-25.10. 4 days of trek up the valley.



October 25th. Climbed to the top of the valley village - Khare. People live here! In space!



26-27.10. Acclimatization and training.


28.10 Ascending and Descending.




Climbed to the top:

Maria Dyachenko,

Tonkov Michael,

Shilkin Sergei,

Kostin Oleg,

Iskandarov Anwar,

Vladimir Kotlyar guide.



29.10 and further - Down, down, to the restaurants! Home!