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14 December 2014, 20:21

Hello, this is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Today we have a day of rest after a hard days work. Yesterday we went to the High Camp, we have brought some of our products, and gasoline. And now we have decided to make a day of rest. We went down to the Lower camp at an altitude of 3200 meters and decided to arrange a day of rest, a day of joy. Tomorrow we will be out with a heavy backpack to the upper camp. The next day - the summit bid and ascent and fastest descent. We have a flight on 19th and today is 14th. In general, there is still time. The weather permitting. There is so beautiful in Antarctica, there are beautiful view and clouds. Yesterday the team got out on top on the upper camp, of course, were stunned. Such refraction of the sun! It's just a completely different planet, with its own laws and their orders. So I'm going to cook. We need cooking for three times. Everyone wants to eat. Goodbye!