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since 2005
8 December 2014, 23:49


At the gala evening Mountaineering Federation of Russia in St. Petersburg heroes of Everest climbers who have reached the highest peak in the world, received a medal (Order) "For the ascent of Everest." It was nice to see familiar faces of our friends, the expedition 7 Summits Club on stage during the presentation of the sign, before and after. We congratulate them all! 7 Summits Club is proud of you, proud of our role, our mission - in fact all of our award were from expeditions led by Alexander Abramov!







Here is a list of those who was awarded a badge of honor. Almost all of them were at the gala evening and received "Order" in person.

1. Abuev Denis (Russia)

2. Boutin Alexey (Russia)

3. Vladimir Voronin (Ukraine)

4. Sergey Dmitriev (Russia)

5. Dmitry Ermakov (Russia)

6. Kernitsky Vasily (Russia)

7. Lachkarev Vladislav (Russia)

8. Matusowa Natalia (Russia)

9. Podolyan Andrey (Russia)

10. Prinzyuk Igor (Russia)

11. Provalov Denis (Russia)

12. Anton Seleznev (Russia)

13. Igor Stolyarov (Russia)

14. Hutorovskoy Vladimir (Russia)

15. Ravil Shamgulov (Russia).