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26 May 2014, 12:43. Everest, all programs »

Alex report: Hello! Yesterday, May 25, our second team (all members and guides) also reached the summit of Everest. The weather was not very good. There were many people, too many. So we could not go down immediately to the camp ABC, as we usually do. The team spent the night at the camp an altitude of 7700 meters. Now we slowly continue to descend to ABC. We're good ... and perfectly. I will try to dictate names of summiters. First two Ladies: Iwona Zadarnowska from Poland and Natasha Matusova from Russia. Now on: Alexander Abramov , Sergey Larin , both for the sixth time, Dmitry Ermakov, Alexey Boutin ... Who else ? Igor Stolyarov, Vladimir Voronin of Ukraine, seven Sherpas and Ravil Shamgulov, a Canadian citizen. I hope no one has forgotten.

It was difficult climb, very difficult. But actually we were lucky with the weather. Because when the number of 100 people in one day started, if a hurricane or some snow, then some people would have remained on the mountain. That's right. In our expedition all climbed the top:

14 members 3 guides and 14 Sherpas.

All except those who left us after acclimatization due to illness. I mean Kostya Ugriumov and Patrick Butler from Ireland.

Now we are all on the North Col , but it is still too early to celebrate ....