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9 June 2014, 22:03. Elbrus, all programs »

Our guide Sasha Sak from the slopes of Elbrus: We are at a new refuge: reached it, settled ... We had lunch today, then almost reached Pastukhov rocks, the wind prevented. Went down, waiting for dinner.

In general, all good, feeling great, the mood is too great.

Tomorrow we learn to walk with crampons and ice axes, relax and wait for the weather.




LEAPfactory places LEAPrus alpine station on russia’s highest mountain


The ‘s1′ eco-pod, developed by torino-based LEAPfactory, is a modular refuge structure designed specifically for extreme and remote environments. the building system is prefabricated and transported to any given location, and has been realized on many sites throughout Europe. The LEAPrus documentary takes viewers through the construction and assembly process of three shelters to create an alpine station (elevation 4,000 m) on the southern slope of mount Elbrus, located in the Caucasus range in Russia.


A trailer for the documentary: LEAPrus



The alpine station is located at an elevation of 4,000 m on the southern side of Russia’s highest peak, mount Elbrus

The s1 shelters are able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and as a result allow adventurers to inhabit more extreme locations. Completely detached from any power grid, a photovoltaic film is incorporated into the outer shell, and is able to provide all necessary energy for the building’s equipment. The shape, materials, and construction of the units help to optimize its performance, while interior fittings provide a high level of comfort. By lifting the structures off of the terrain, minimal impact is created on the otherwise undeveloped landscape.