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17 September 2014, 21:59. Elbrus, all programs »

And now is the time to say Thank you to all the representatives of the 7 Summits Club. Anna Dymova, which quickly solved any issues. Andrew in the Location for your patience and tact. Three guides Albert, Alex and Sveta, which is more than all of us and patiently nursed hundred times explained everything. They are in the conditions of the weather had the right to deploy us, but they believed in us and we did not disappoint! And even the driver, by the way, who took us to the airport and back. Well done, went very quickly, but carefully. And, of course - personally to Alex Abramov, who are under the ridiculous pretext that time had not seen me, was on Elbrus at this time as it was by the time!

All this, despite the bad weather, led to the result: 8 of the 11 were standing on the top. Three women in the condition of strong wind and bad weather we barely persuaded to turn back from around 5400. Very they wanted to walk. I think this result is beautiful! But this is not all, maybe not most important - after all, 10 people have discovered a New World, a new dimension of relaxation, happiness achieved from.. Remembered tears of joy, finally...