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22 October 2015, 22:21

Olga Rumiantseva from Nepal: 

 Today we visited Kathmandu. Moreover, we got acquainted with the capital in very different ways. We went to see the stupa of Boudhanath. It is being rebuilt after the earthquake. But, despite the fact that the top of the stupa demolished, the atmosphere of the place is preserved.

In the monasteries the monks pray, in souvenir shops to tourists trying to sell the most incredible things.

 Then we went to Swayambhunath. Having 365 steps on the road photographing numerous monkeys, we cleaned our karma, and looked at Kathmandu with the bird's eye view.

 After that we went to the Kathmandu city, on the famous Freak street. No freaks or hippies we discovered there. Looked at the consequences of the earthquake, as this part is in Kathmandu has suffered enough.

 In the end of the day, we went to visit the Director of our Nepali office – Mingma Sherpa. He invited us to visit his home to meet the family and enjoy traditional Nepalese food.

 Tomorrow morning we fly to one of the paradises of Nepal - Pokhara.