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27 October 2015, 14:04. Everest from Nepal, all programs »


October 29 (Thursday), beginning at 19.00. Next Thursday we will start a course of theoretical training on mountaineering. The first will be six time Everest summiter Alexander Abramov.

"How to climb Mount Everest." Beginning at 19.00
Address: Bolshaya Pereyaslavskaya 7.

Alexander (Alex) Abramov has organized 17 Himalayan expeditions, 12 - on Everest.

We were treated by the ordinary people who never go to the mountains, to help them to climb Everest. And now, after the Hollywood film, it has become a common issue: could untrained novice climb the top of the World? Although the answer is obvious to us, but it requires clarification ....

Alexander Abramov believes that the top of Everest is available to any healthy person!
Everest is the scene of specific mountaineering, and now it may be reached by climbers of different levels of training.