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since 2005
4 December 2015, 23:06

Good afternoon! It is Ludmila Korobeshko from Pyatigorsk, a resort of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Here the mountain school of the 7 Summits Club conducts classes on climbing and mountaineering. Today is Friday, December 4, it was the first day of this school. We had a great day. Firstly, the weather was perfect, the morning was sunny, even it was good view on the Caucasian Chain and Elbrus. We were the first at “Spartak rocks” on the slopes of Mount Mashuk. A session was leading by our guide Alexander Grebenyuk. Also among climbers there was our president Alexander Abramov. First we warmed up, climb, worked on the movement on fixed ropes, working with Jumar, and rappelling descent.

When we visited the "people's bath" is the hot springs. And in the afternoon, we can say the evening, take a walk, a mini climbing Mount Mashuk.