3 January 2015, 22:49

Olesya Lelyushkina from Ecuador:

According to the schedule, we climbed on Pasachoa on Iliniza Norte. On Iliniza suddenly began thunderstorm, lightning struck the iron cross, which stands on top just when we were there, we hurried down.

We met the New Year in a beautiful hotel, and on January 1 went to a neighboring village to watch the rodeo. January 2 we climbed up Moun Cotopaxi, started the climb at midnight, at the top we were at 7am. And in 2 hours of the night suddenly started wind, with speed that guides rated as 70 km per hour, many climbers turned back. The ascent was not easy out - the wind, our team rose to the top at full strength - 3 members and 2 guides on the top of our group was one of the earliest.

In the afternoon we returned to Quito. January 3 we are going on a trip to Mindo, a walk through the rainforest, see waterfalls, butterflies and hummingbirds. We will gain strength before climbing Chimborazo.