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28 February 2015, 17:58. North Pole, all programs »


Last Thursday, our manager Marina Nemirova went on a trip to Svalbard, particularly in the Russian city of Barentsburg. Today she sent the first message:

Marina Nemirova: Our charter 737 landed on schedule in the archipelago of Svalbard in the Norwegian town of Longyearbyen. Arctic! This could only dream of! And then it happened!
In Longyearbyen, we visited the local museum and a wonderful art gallery, which presents not only the paintings of landscapes of the Arctic, but also ancient maps.
Then we got a special equipment, embarked on snowmobiles and in total darkness covered the distance of 70 km to the Russian city of Barentsburg. The evening ended with a tasting of fresh beer from the local brewery, and before going to bed we saw the northern lights!