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28 February 2015, 22:15


From the news
(1)Today our group climbed to the top of Huayna Potosi (6088 m, it seems).

Leaving the beaches of Titicaca, we quickly got to the base camp of Huayna Potosi . Base camp - it's very cozy hut , around which there is roam herds of llamas and alpacas .

But then there we had a few days before climbing. Easy walks, ice class, the ascent to the upper camp ... We were doing everything for acclimatization, and it went as best as possible . Although of course it was not always easy.

But in the end, today, our whole group was on top of this beautiful mountain, which has absolutely stunning crest.

We can not say that the ascent was simple. But we did it. And as a reward - in the evening in La Paz we celebrated his first victory.

(2)Yesterday the sports part of our team climbed the highest point of Bolivia - Sajama volcano.

After taking a rest in La Paz after climbing Huayna Potosi , our team went to climb on Sajama. Unlike Huayna Potosi, the volcano Sajama is completely wild. Campgrounds , harsh conditions , high altitude , difficult technical climbing ... As a result , only half of the team was able to reach the top of this legendary peak.

And down from the mountains, the next day we plunged into the hot springs. That was real bliss . Swimming in the hot water, we looked at the top of Sahama and did not believe that another day we were standing on her ridge.


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