Providing expeditions
since 2005


We have only good news. Mingma Gelu, our Nepalese Director, will go with our expedition to Everest. For this purpose, he got rid of the headmaster's belly. A few years Mingma was limited his work to office and base camp, and is now returning to the mountain. He had 8 successful summits of Everest, his sister Laki – 6 summiter. And she, too, returns to beat her record for number of ascents among women.





Meanwhile, Alex Abramov is thinking how he will be seen in history. The film crew will soon arrive and will start to work. Apparently, with the villainous beard, typical of the bad guys in Hollywood movies, Alex did not want to be captured for posterity. Better to be as good looking as the Dalai Lama. The benefit in Kathmandu – you can be shaved for a penny, they even forget about the strike, when the client coming.