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7 November 2016, 19:19. Kilimanjaro, all programs »

Vladimir Shataev ascended to the summit of Kilimanjaro at 9:30 November 3, 2016, in company with another great friend of our Club Alexander Sobolenko. They left the last camp to Barafu at 01:30. The climb took 8 hours. Vladimir Shataev is 79-a-half years old, he was born May 1, 1937. It is a national record of age ... but only for men. The absolute record belongs to our compatriot Angela Vorobyova – 86 years!




Despite the fact that early November is considered the end favorable for climbing season, the weather was quiet. Snow (about 2 cm) fell only to assault the camp Barafu.



According to Vladimir, trekking to the summit on the Machame route is a much cooler than Marangu, on which he has been climbing two times. The route seemed much more beautiful, varied and difficult. Climbing on Marangu and Machame is 2 different mountains. It was a pleasant discovery!


Kilimanjaro from Machame route is really beautiful.



Alexander Sobolenko plans had to prepare for the next climbs and to lose weight. According to him, the second paragraph failed, because he was very well fed.