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14 October 2016, 13:14

 On 13 October there was the traditional evening dedicated to the birthday of the company 7 Summits Club. We are very pleased that every year more and more people come to congratulate us, welcome us and each other, coming to see old friends, learn new, learn, eat, drink, rest after work and so on... We think that the vast majority were satisfied and they reluctantly leave the room. However, the room is small, it is what it is. What to do? Don't know yet.



Lyudmila Korobeshko opened the evening, on the rights of the Queen



Alexander Abramov (the King) gave the floor to Sergei Larin, who told how the expedition under his leadership ahead of time rose to the top of Cho Oyu.




Igor and Natalia Smirnova, as members of the expedition, added to the report  emotions and own photos...




The most great time were given to Oscar Konyukhov. The Audience listened to his story with open mouths, and after the guests filled up the lecturer with questions. Buying information on a record flight around the world in a balloon, carried out by Fedor Konyukhov paint, all new bright colors.



Leader and trainer of the program "Altitude" Alexander Yakovenko reported about the great success of this project (five peaks per season).




Vladimir N. Shataev presented a certificate "Snow leopard" another hero of our time - Dmitry Moskalev.




 Artem Rostovtsev spoke briefly about the competition on trailrunning in the Crimea. We are very grateful to him for introducing us to running sports activities:




Well, to the delight of many fans and lovers of the Crimea, we saw the first public performance of our Crimean teachers rock climbing Natalia Kartashova. She, of course, was worried. But performed brilliantly. Many, I am sure, listening to her story on the background of the Crimean types on the screen began to change their plans and to embed them in another visit to the Crimea.




The second speech, Oscar Konyukhov was shorter, but no less interest. This time it was about two new projects of his Father Fyodor. As usual, it should be supercandy: rise above all in a hot air balloon (in the stratosphere) and down below all in the Marianas trench.



As usual after a fun lottery where lucky to even those who've never had much luck, alas the time has come to part...









Until next time, friends !