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1 October 2016, 16:36. Manaslu, all programs »

Alexey, we congratulate you on your birthday! Catch weather and good luck!

 From the diary.



24/09/16 - Rain at night, I sleep.

 By 9 00 the rain is over, I get out. The trail goes upward through the jungle, sometimes blurred.

 In the 13-00 come to the Base Camp (4800). There are many companies, I am going to visit the Makalu extreme (Oksana and Chetur). Then I met Dmitry Grekov and his company - Diana, Zamir, Igor, Solyus, Natalia. Of course, here is Lekha Bukinich.

 Last night there was a big snow, broken tents. Although now is sunny, the snow has not yet melted. Put my tent, I look around and rest the remainder of the day.


25/09/16 - snow at night, we are saving the dining room tent. In the morning - fog, cloudy. Everyone sits on the site, as there is no the road for the first camp.  I do not know where to go, plus the fog - I sit drinking tea. The 11 people from neighboring camps began to move upward. At 12 for better acclimatization, I decide to walk to the camp 1 (5600), see and leave depot. I managed to dusk.


26/09/16 - Dmitry and Zamir decided to cancel and go down. His remaining team decides to try and keep up. I join them. Good company - a good acclimatization))) rise in Camp 1 (5600).


09.27.16 - night was good - that is, sleep well, my head does not hurt. We go to camp 2 (6250). There is normally, but not fast. My friends have tents here. Fortunately they were not smashed by snowfall. We dig out and start to cook. We went early,  but fell asleep only to 23 00.


09.28.16 - In the morning, while having breakfast, my head ached a little, as soon as began to move actively  everything went. We go up to Camp 3 (6900). Making the site, put up tents. I feel altitude, but eat with appetit. Everything as always - eat and sleep.


29/09/16 - Morning. Head! But never mind, the task is completed. More liquid - tea, vitaminka, etc.


9 00 -  I'm going to run down. The base came 13 30. Change tall boots on the tracks, hour rest. Now ready to go in Samagoon, I have time before dark. A bit tired. In the loggia, where he lived - a full house. For a long time waiting for dinner, sip tea, juice, beer, lemonade. In 20 00 - SLEEPING


30/09/16 - rest, but this time set off all to the summit bid *, good luck !!!


01/10/16 - Today, I collect power to output plan. I try to catch the weather window!!!


* 30.9.16. Igor Zhdanowicz, Saulius Damulevichus, Natalia Zenina, Dina Terentyev climbed Manaslu.