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21 March 2016, 22:19. Everest, all programs »

March 16th, 2016  the board of Russian Mountaineering Federation formally endorsed the first women expedition to Everest from Russia.

This year's 7 women from Russia take part in the Everest expedition, and first time in the history. And probably  it never will be later. So the project turns out unique.


Dates of the expedition:  from April 12th  to May 31th, 2016.


RMF Board Meeting



Project Organizer - 7 Summits Club, with the support of RMF, FAiS Moscow, Red Fox company.


The expedition will be filmed film by a crew of Channel One, namely by  RD studio of Valdis Pelsh



Project Manager - Lyudmila Korobeshko - 2-times Mount Everest summiter.

 Team's coach Alexander Abramov, the leader of expedition - 6-times Mount Everest summiter.


Alex and Luda:  the couple of recordsmen. The only family in the world, in which husband and wife twice fulfilled the program "Seven Summits". The only couple twice climbed to the top of Mount Everest together.


All Team members will be announced on March 31th  at the annual meeting (party) of the members of the  7 Summits Club.