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22 March 2016, 02:57. Everest, all programs »

In early April our next Everest expedition will  start, as usual led by Alexander Abramov. We return to the highest mountain in the world, the most desired climbing object after the terrible disaster, earthquake, 2015. In some ways, this season will be unusual, something familiar. Our team will be the largest on the northern slopes, we traditionally put most comfortable, beautiful camp, we will do everything to succeed.



  You will learn details of the expedition from the head, six-time climber on Everest Alexander Abramov. He will present the team, tell about the features of the current season. That, for the first time as part of our big event will be run purely female team led by Lyudmila Korobeshko. And also we will be able to communicate with the crew RD studio of Valdis Pelsh, which will continue its work on the filming of the movie for the First Russian TV Channel.



Address: Bol Pereyaslavskaya d. 7 Shop "Active Life".



March 31 ... Beginning at 20.00


And also you will be able to listen to reports on the climbing season 2015-2016 in the Southern Hemisphere. Our guides will talk about climbing in Antarctica, South America, Australia and Africa. We will introduce you to new projects, new programs coming summer season in the northern hemisphere. Come, you will find the atmosphere of companionship and a small treat from the 7 Summits Club.