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NEWS BARNEO (NORTH POLE) EXPEDITION-2016. The first flight on the ice camp is made


04/04/2016 07:17

The ice airdrome Barneo is open. April 3th in the morning , the first group from Barneo ice camp reported on the readiness of the ice runway for the reception a plane from Longyearbyen. On the morning the An-74 with the expedition team on board flew to Barneo. The plane succefully landed on the ice airfield. On the ice camp  a team that will build the camp was left. Construction of the camp has already begun. The next flight is scheduled for tomorrow, when Barneo said that already established residential modules where possible place people.


The temperature at -27 * Barneo. Solar, wind, 2 m / s. Coordinates: N 89 * 16 '673' and 075 * 48 E '979'.








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