24 May 2016, 11:38

Now the entire team of 7 Summits Club successfully descended from the mountains and now is preparing  packs.

 Tomorrow, on the 25th we leave by cars in Shigatse and the day after (May 26) we plan on the flight from Lhasa to Kathmandu.


And now for an hour to relax and to take stock:

27 people on the top of Mount Everest!

15 members and guides + 12 Sherpas.

Several Russian and World Records! About its - below ...



Decisions on the graphics  were  difficult this year. Weather did not allow to take unequivocal decisions. Always it was snowing and it seemed that the monsoon has arrived. But the state of the route for the ascent was terrific. All the rocky areas and sloping rock slabs were covered with a thick layer of snow and firn. This allowed the speed of movement along the entire route to be the fastest.

And, nevertheless, we note that the long experience of leadership helped us to choose the best two days for climbing. That led to such a great success!



Summiters of May 20:


Abramov  Alexander (7 times)

Korobeshko Lyudmila (3 times) woman,

Kharazova Irena woman,

Moroz Vladislav,

Reutov Roman,

Pimenov Oleg,

Kotlyar Vladimir (all – Russia),

and a woman Lakpa Sherpa, USA - Nepal (7th time at the top of Mount Everest)

plus 7 Sherpas.


Summiters on May 21:


Hannah Noel (8 times),

Hannah Lynn (2 times), woman both – Northern  Ireland,

Sergey Larin (5 times),

Provalov Denis (2 times),

Demyanenko Igor (Russia),

Kochanski Janusz (Poland),

Yalovchak Tatiana, woman (Ukraine),

Plus 5 Sherpas.


We have once again proved that the 7 Summits Club team was not only the biggest and well secured on the North side of Everest, but also the most experienced and most successful. 15 of the 16 members of the expedition reached the summit. One participant climbed up only to 8500 m, for health reasons.

And most importantly, that all are alive and healthy, cheerful and happy, and all remained friends.


The leader  of the 14th expedition on Everest  of the 7 Summits Club

Alexander Abramov




Record achievements of the expedition:


** Lhakpa Sherpa - the first woman of the 7th seven times ascended Mount Everest.


Alexander Abramov and Ludmila Korobeshko - the first married couple, three times to climb Mount Everest.


Noel and Lynn Hannah - the first married couple to climb Everest by two routes.


Ludmila Korobeshko – new record of Russia and Europe in the number of ascents on Mount Everest among women.


Alexander Abramov - the first Russian in the 7th time to climb Mount Everest.