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19 August 2016, 19:25. Elbrus, all programs »

Our partner in Ecuador, the famous local guide Edgar Parra, who is also founder and director of his own company, brought to office a very interesting person. This is his client, his client from the United States, from California. His name is Tom Biksler. 42-year-old American is living with a diagnosis of diabetes type 2 and besides suffered a serious operation for Crohn's disease.



Formally, he is twice the invalid. He is not just a living, he had come to climb Mount Elbrus. The highest peak of Europe should be a third of his planned collection "Seven summis". Tom is going to become the first diabetic to complete this program. While in his collection there are Kilimanjaro - 2012, and Aconcagua - 2013. Trying to climb Mount McKinley in 2015, ended in failure due to prolonged bad weather:


Tom Bixler at McKinley. 2015. Without top.





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