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21 November 2017, 15:27


I have long dreamed of going off trek around Dhaulagiri - this is one of the cult mountains, objectively, and for me personally. It has a long and complex history of first ascent, in fact, it is the last conquered eight-thousandth (not including artificially "closed" Shisha Pangma). Many interesting stories are connected with Dhaulagiri, its huge walls are elevated to an incredible relative height, more than Everest, not without reason it was considered for about half a century the highest peak of the world.


 I really wanted to see Dhaulagiri a few years ago, from Muktinath, when I finished the way around Annapurna. But the bad weather did not give a chance to see anything behind the low, swirling clouds. And then I decided that this is a sign. And I have to go to Dhaulagiri.