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since 2005
3 January 2017, 07:29

Hello! Today, the 2nd of January, our team, for the second time in history, climbed peak Yamal. Peak Yamal – it is a mountain, which was named in honor of the Yamal Peninsula in 2005. Our team, Alexander Abramov, Pushkarev Vladimir, Victor Boboc, Israfil Ashurly and  Goodman Soren from Denmark climbed it in December of 2005.

 Today, as at the top was  a strong wind, we decided to go again for acclimatization go to the peak of Yamal. It is located near Lower Camp, in which we find ourselves. The ascent took five hours, all were very pleased. First, there is a snow ridge, then begins rock and the top is rocky, rocky massif. ...

 Once again, Happy New Year! And tomorrow we plan to exit the High camp, on January 3rd. January 4, we assume summit attempt.