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1 March 2017, 22:04

Artem Rostovtsev, the 7 Summits Club guide: 28 February, Mexico Orizaba. As was laid on February 28th, we had to say goodbye the winter by the best way. We climbed the volcano Orizaba. While in Moscow, it was slightly warm and slushy, it was cold at the top of Orizaba, windy and around the ice-snow, so it was all for real things. At midnight we got up, went out together, after 4 hours were at the beginning of the glacier. We changed boots, dressed for a meeting with a summit,  tied with a rope, and went up, greet the dawn. The path to the summit took 3.5 hours. A piglet on top was blown by a strong wind, so that to repeat  photo you should go a little bit down and warmed hands. We went down slowly, as best they could, in about four hours.


SO,  Winter, Goodbye!


The result: at the top of Orizaba there were 4 people from the team. For the rest -  an altitude 5100 meters (the beginning of the glacier), it was a real top. By Instrument: 12 hour round trip, 8 km round trip,  of 1609 meters up and down, 29 000 steps.