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Report of Artem Rostovtsev of climbing Mount Orizaba. Many photos

Pico de Orizaba (Citlaltépeti), at 5700 m (18,707 ft) Mexico's highest mountain, lies on the border with the state of Puebla about 30km/19mi north of Orizaba. It is best climbed from its west ... read more »
1 March 2017, 22:04: Artem Rostovtsev, the 7 Summits Club guide: 28 February, Mexico Orizaba. As was laid on February 28th, we had to say goodbye the winter by the best way. We climbed the volcano Orizaba. While in Moscow, it was slightly warm and slushy, it was cold at the top of Orizaba, windy and around the ... MORE »

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