Providing expeditions
since 2005
16 April 2017, 19:42

Day 1. Everest 2017.

 Kathmandu is beautiful as always, and I gladly come here every year to organize another expedition to Mount Everest. There are many friends here, there is our office of the 7 Summits Club. There is a unique hotel Yak and Yeti in which we place all our expeditions for many years.

 This, in my opinion, is the best 5 * hotel in Nepal, with own territory, where you can run and train. This hotel can be compared only with the hotel Hayat. But that is very far from the center. Our hotel Yak and Yeti is  just the wing of the Royal Palace.

  Day 1. Everest 2017.

 It's nice to be photographed in Kathmandu at the newly opened Red Fox store  with its owner, Mingma. And at the same time feel involvement in the opening of this corner of Russian culture.

 Mingma Gelu is my partner, Vlad Moroz (Red Fox) - friend. The store constantly has Russian visitors. A charming saleswoman and part-time daughter of Mingma - teaches Russian at the Russian Cultural Center in Kathmandu.