19 July 2017, 19:28

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition to Lenin peak, from the camp at 4400. Our whole team feels good. Tomorrow we are going to go to the camp at an altitude of 5300 meters. It will be the first real climbing day with crampons and ropes. Weather, frankly, is not good. Today is the first time I saw the summit of peak Lenin. And it is now again closed. Well, after lunch usually is snowing. Even with the thunderstorm. But we will hope for the best. While acclimatization – it is no worry. In a week when we go climbing, we'll see. All is good here: a lovely camp, great food. We all like to treat us just fine. Well, in General, everything is fine, don't worry. Photos can't send as a call via satellite. Mobile communications are not working. The mood is great, the team is good and it is called "ninja Turtles" because we go slow, like turtles. All bye everyone! Until next communication, I hope with 5300!