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7 September 2017, 17:37. Kilimanjaro, all programs »


Yesterday, the the 7 summits Club welcomed a guest. Artist, Vice-President of the Union of Russian Abstractionist, Anastasia Dobrovolskaya brought her picture painted on the edge of the crater of the highest volcano of Africa – Kilimanjaro.



 Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro - it was the first climbing experience Anastasia. And there, in Africa, the idea of a large project called "Seven paintings in seven highest peaks in the world". Anastasia plans to climb all Seven summits and to do what did no one in the world. That is, to bring down the finished new painting.


We wish Nastya good luck in the project! Diary of her travels in Tanzania and the history of painting on top of Kilimanjaro, has recently been published on our website. On further expeditions and plans we will also keep you up to date...