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10 September 2017, 16:06. Manaslu, all programs »

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition Manaslu, from Samagaun village:

Diary of the expedition to Manaslu 2017 - the 7 summits Club.


Today morning started with the screaming on the street. At first I thought that there is always here in the morning. But when I got up and went outside, it was impossible to pass. The whole yard was crowded with porters, who fought for the right to carry our loads and loads of neighboring expeditions in the Base camp. After Breakfast we met Mingma and Zygmunt. They arrived by helicopter. Now the whole team  is together. And we went on acclimatization up the canyon - to the village of Samdo 3800m. On the way we saw yaks and DZO. Saw the Sherpas are building a new home. And how two Yaks are fighting…