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16 September 2017, 14:41. Vinson, all programs »

"I made a full version of the movie about the journey to another planet!))"



Starring: Николя Маньен (Nicolas Magnin), Кшиштоф  Сабиш (Krzysztof Sabisz), Владимир Котляр (Vladimir Kotlyar), Лена Абрамова (Lena Abramova), Вадим Фролов (Vadim Frolov), Александр Абрамов (Alex Abramov), Евгений Лесницкий (Evgeny Lesnitsky), Алексей Балакин (Alexei Balakin)

- all members of the expedition  the 7 Summits Club to Antarctica.


By the way, here you can see the work of Eugene under the name "Galapagos"



This film is made according to the materials of the trip at the end of the tour to Ecuador with the team of 7 Summits Club.