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25 November 2018, 14:01

On November 24, the leaders of the 7 Summits Club 7 Peaks Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko visited the opening of the exhibition of painting Vasily Nesterenko. It was a pleasure to meet legendary veterans of the national mountaineering Vladimir Shataev, Boris Korshunov, Yuri Tinin, our old friends Alexander Yakovenko, Sergey Bogomolov and Vladimir Suviga.

  "Better than the mountains can only be mountains..." this famous phrase called his new exhibition people's artist of Russia Vasily Nesterenko and it immediately gives us an idea about the theme of the exhibition.








  The exhibition presents his works made over the past 10 years after expeditions to Elbrus, Sayan, Altai Mountains and Kamchatka. The exhibition will give visitors an idea of the unique regions of Russia, the love of which the artist sings in his paintings.