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30 November 2018, 17:12

The 7 Summits Club  plans to reward climbers on the "Seven Summits", that is, the highest peaks of all continents, a special sign of honor. What will be the order of awarding, we will inform later. Now we offer you to look at the list of summiters from Russia plus those of whom we consider "our". Citizens of Russia in this list are 38 people. And they all, somehow, climbed in the programmes of the 7 Summits Club. With the exception of the first – Fedor Konyukhov, who also was in our group climbing Everest, but after the completion of the program "Seven Summits".  We are proud to note that, apparently (accurate statistics have not yet been restored), Russia is in second place in the world in terms of the number of climbers to the highest peaks of the continents. And this is the merit, first of all, of our 7 Summits Club!  We are proud!


1997.05.26  Fyodor Konyukhov.               Kosciuszko        

2005.11.13  Dmitry Moskalev.    Kosciuszko   2008.02.28-Carstensz

2005.12.15  Alexander Abramov.             Kosciuszko 2008. 02.28 Carstensz

2005.12.15  Victor Bobok.            Kosciuszko 2013.11.08 Carstensz

2006.01.10  Boris Sedusov.          Kosciuszko 2006.01.06

2006.02.02  Karo Ovasapyan (Arm-USA) 2008.02.28

2007.05.19  Israfil Ashurly (AZR)Kosciuszko        

2008.07.06  Igor Pochvalin.          Kosciuszko 2017.11.04  - Carstensz

2008.12.09  Sergey Larin.                            

2008.12.12  Sergey Kofanov.                     

2009.01.02  Lyudmila Korobeshko.          Kosciuszko 2010.10.16 - Carstensz

2010.07.22  Elena Gorelik.           Kosciuszko 2013.09.26

2010.12.27  Sergey Kovalev        Kosciuszko         

2011.01.07  Maxim Bogatyrev.                 

2011.05.21  Yuri Beloyvan.                         

2011.05.21  Igor Prinziuk                             

2012.05.17  Mikhail Turovsky.    Kosciuszko 2013.09.23 Carstensz

2012.11.01  Andrey Podolyan.   Kosciuszko        

2012.12.11  Maxim Shakirov.      Kosciuszko        

2012.12.11  Ivan Dusharin.          Kosciuszko        

2012.12.23  Dmitry Sokov.           Kosciuszko        

2013.09.26  Vitaly Simonovich.                 

2013.10.25  Andrey Filkov Kosciuszko   

2014.01.06  Igor Kadochin.          Kosciuszko        

2014.06.10?        Sergei Dudko.                 Kosciuszko          

2014.06.10?        Dmitry Krasnov.               Kosciuszko        

2015.04.13  Igor Stolyarov.                         

2015.05.29  Yaroslav Sabyrbaev (KAZ)                  

2015.06.15  Sergey Dmitriev                      

2016.05.09  Maria Gordon.                        

2016.05.20  Igor Demyanenko.                

2016.11.01  Irina Kharazova.                      

2017.05.22  Evgeny Kravt.                          

2017.06.20  Alexey Bautin.          Kosciuszko        

2017.11.04  Oleg Savchenko.                    

2017.12.14  Tatiana Jalovchak (Ukr).                      

2018.05.17  Alexander Tertychny.                          

2018.05.17  Dmitry Tertychnyy.               

2018.05.17  Alexey Balakin.                       

2018.05.19  Jamilya Murtazina.                

2018.11.09  Vladimir Belkovich.

2018.11.09  Kirill Semeshkin.

2019.01.06 Vladislav Lachkarev