Providing expeditions
since 2005
6 December 2018, 19:50

Boris Yegorov,  a guide of the 7 Summits Club:

In preparation for the unique expedition to mount Fitzroy (Patagonia), which will take place in January next year, we organized a training session on the warm cliffs of Turkey. Turkey is unique place for autumn climbing, the season is here is in full swing, a variety of lasagna, 5 crops of oranges per year, grenades are falling from the trees right in the hands, good food and warm sea!


The participants discovered that rock climbing is not only within mountaineering, but it is interesting as an independent activity. We did not have much time, but an intensive schedule. We managed to go multi-pitch to remember the feeling of height, and tighten the level of climbing so that in the end it turned out to climb 6C category of difficulty, and this is not a beginner level! In General, we are ready for Patagonia.