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12 January 2018, 00:22

Viktor Ershov, guide of  the 7 Summits Club:

Hello Everyone! Ascent of Aconcagua was successful, but not to the top. We reached the height of 6456м by GPS, just above the hut of Independence. There we were at 14.30, then did not go far. Anna felt bad and impending storm, which later happened. So we turned down. Overall, I think for Anne it is a very cool achievement, to climb to the height of Mera Peak. She was pleased, now she wants to train hard and to come back to Aconcagua next year with 7 Summits! The weather was such as it should be for Christmas and New Year - fell more than a meter of snow for a few days, I was tired of trail. The local guides are in shock, for a long time such was not. And cold. But not very windy. In general,  we tired and very pleased with the result.

And now – for wine and steaks!!