2 April 2018, 21:40

A whole army of our Sherpas, local guides, high-altitude porter, cooks and their assistants received new sets of clothes made by Red Fox. It is a proper form for working in severe high altitude conditions. Judging by their faces, the new things suited to taste. Beautiful clothes oblige to good work, so we believe.

 Alexander Abramov, President of Club 7 Vershin, leader of the expedition to Everest:

 This year we are making a more comfortable base camp – Luxury Camp, as we call it. We deliver and put new spacious tents with beds, heaters and a work table. Also, we are waiting for a new level of our cuisine, because our beloved Chef from Antarctica Patricio has already come to us. The whole expedition is ready. This year we have 20 participants, 7 guides and 6 cooks. And 35 Sherpas. We have the largest expedition on Everest in 2018.