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6 May 2018, 15:50. Everest, all programs »


Alexander Abramov, leader of the Everest expedition of 7 summits Club:

I want to introduce Dima Tertychnyy -  a member of the 7 Summits Club expedition who in his 17 years already climbed 6 from 7 summits and now goes to Everest. He can become the youngest Russian and European to accomplish this feat.



Dmitry (Dima) Tertychnyy:  I am finishing the 7 summits program. (The 7 summits program includes the highest mountain of each continent). Throughout the whole history there are not more than 600 people who have finished this program. Occasionally, my last summit of this program is the Mother of mountains (Mt Everest) 8848m. To make it more interesting, I will mention George Mallory, who was the first man to attempt to summit Mt Everest in 1923. He died and his body is still lying at the height of 8600m. At the moment I am studying at Charterhouse School, George Mallory was a teacher here and his last dinner before the expedition was at Charterhouse. Together with my school we decided to dedicate this ascent to development of education in Nepal. We are doing this with the help of Global Action Nepal. GAN is an non-governmental organization which is working to improve access to, and the quality of education for poor and marginalized people in Nepal. If anyone wants to know more, you could visit their website.


 Not everybody has access to education in the 21st century. Our goal is to raise 10.000 pounds. At the moment we managed to raise 1100 pounds. I will be thankful to each person, who will decide to participate in this project. This is the link for participating:




 You an follow the expedition on Instagram @mountaineersdream