24 September 2019, 11:29


Hi ! This is Ludmila Korobeshko from the 7 Summits Club expedition Manaslu-2019. Today all our team left the Manaslu base camp in the morning.  We went up to the first camp, at 5700. It was a little hard, but in principle, we reached it normally. We were a little tired, but now we are recovering.  We had some soup, and in half an hour we would have supper. So early, because we want to go to bed early. Tomorrow we plan to leave the camp at 8 am in order to go to the third camp. That is, tomorrow we have quite a long climb. First in the second camp and forth - immediately in the third.   We already plan to spend the night in the third camp, that is, at an altitude of about 6700. That is, tomorrow we have about a kilometer to gain again…


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