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17 March 2019, 23:37

 Super-Guide of the  7 Summits Club  Boris Yegorov  via satellite phone from Equatorial Africa:

 Hello, Seven  Summits! This is guide Boris Egorov from Kenya. Today, we,  without hurry, but at the same time quickly enough, went to the point of Lenana – this is the third highest peak in the Kenya massif. We passed the route in two and a half hours, which, in eneral, is not bad. And we went down to  our assault camp - Austrian hut. And then suddenly a cloud with snow covered us. Snow fell, the mountain turned white.  So we turned relaxed and decided to have a rest tomorrow.  We have  for a rest one more day in a stock. And while, we plan to storm the day after tomorrow. All, of course, slightly upset. But…